Wilhelm Spruyt

I experience Michelle and Elana’s office as a safe zone where one can come to share one’s heart. The one who enters will always be encouraged, prayed for, helped with guidance for SATS or comforted. During the rough patches of life or times of uncertainty, Michelle and Elana is there, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to speak and minister through them. It is such a privilege and blessing to have this support, in order for students to keep walking in faith and continue according to the best of their abilities.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Saaiman Vorster

When I started my studies at SATS in 2015 my relationship with the SATS office started and I must say it was the start of a blessed journey. I really developed a good relationship with the SATS office, there were times that I wanted to give up and was really tired and frustrated with the studies, but they would always push and encourage me to carry on and reminded me why I am studying they even challenged me to finish my Bachelor’s degree earlier than what I had planned. I am studying for the glory of God and their prayers and encouragements really blessed and carried me and I am thankful for God for placing them at the office I know in my heart that these people were handpicked by God to be there.

May the Lord Bless them in their ministry and continue to use them in this area.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Talitha Korner

I do appreciate the office with the two incredible administrators (Michelle & Elana) a lot for the following reasons:

  • The atmosphere in the office is always positive and peaceful, which helps me to just go in there and sit without having to speak, or getting rid of frustrations without having to explain myself.
  • Elana and Michelle are very helpful, whether it is to find some resources, printing or copying an important document, or assisting me with my studies. When I need more information about my studies, or when I need clarity about a subject, they are forever there to help me.
  • Another aspect which is probably the most important is the fact that I know they are always keeping me and others in their prayers. That is the greatest blessing, service, care and testimony to me.
  • These two ladies indeed, love the Lord, and secondly it is a testimony of their love to me and many others.

May the LORD bless you and keep you; May the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; May the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Geor Visser

My studies at SATS have been rooted at Lewende Woord Distance learning office. The staff, Michelle Horne and Elana van Eeden, has proven an invaluable asset. They have always been willing to go the extra mile for the students in helping to follow up on all manner queries whether it is administrative, technical information or other supportive needs.
The office also provides a service of a theological library that is a great study resource and may be booked for exams that require invigilation. In regards to community the office is a much needed support when studying a degree long distance and serves as a base to engage with other theological students.
I have only the highest praise for the staff at Lewende Woord Distance learning office in the service they have provided me during my studies.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Nathalie Rabearijao

The SATS Office at Lewende Woord Bible College was a huge blessing for me during my studies. They have relentlessly being encouraging, updating me with the new things in SATS and kept me accountable in my studies when I get side tracked by the other things of life. The one most important input that I so appreciate from them is their continual prayer, not only for me but also for the other students. It makes a big difference in our studies and ministries. Thank you Michelle and Elana!!

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Gideon Beukes

The SATS office at Living Word has been such an important support to me, every time I needed to order new subjects the staff were very helpful and I could easily continue towards obtaining my degree. If I think of having to do the whole process by myself I can’t imagine it being so quick and sufficient. It has been a great help to me to have this assistance available. I will recommend it to all who desire to study through SATS.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Julian Scott

I would just like to show my appreciation towards the corresponding office at Living Word Bible College. I am currently busy with SATS doing my BTh, I find that because of the distant learning it truly helps to have the opportunity to speak to those at the office to help make things clear. With That I am saying to have that face to face contact does help understand things wherever there is need. Communication directly with SATS staff mostly feels as if there is no real communication, with the office being here it helps the flow of communication between the students and SATS more fluent and effective. I also appreciate the friendly and Christlike attitude we as students get from Elana and Michelle, again focus on face to face. In ending, the office proves itself very effective and almost a Light House for students to really have a fluent and amazing journey with their studies.

Living Word Bible college testimonial

Angelique Robbetze

During my studies through SATS I could not have asked for any two better people to help me and take care of me during this time. They are two women who will go beyond their limits to help any student of theirs. Through this time we also built an amazing relationship and I am forever thankful for both of them. Their door is always open to anyone who need help with their studies or even just some love and encouragement. The thing that these women do that inspire is that they pray continually for the students that fall under their office. I will never be able to say ‘Thank you’ enough. I am excited to spend much more time in their office and under their loving guidance.

Bible college Testimonials

Rashelle Roestorff

The office during my SATS studies means so much to me, they are always there to help and encourage me. They make a huge difference in my studies because they provide a support system that I would not have had if they were not there, so I appreciate them a lot.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

John Grobler

Thank you for your continued encouragement motivating me to complete my studies. The administrative assistance you provide has given me the peace to know that any difficulties I encounter on the way will be handle with speed and efficiency. I have experienced the effect of your prayers for me in necessary spiritual empowering by the Holy Spirit and successful completion of tests and assignments.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Sannah Mosito

The SATS office has and is a happy place for me. It is not only a place where I go to Elana and Michelle about my studies, but it is where I go when I need encouragement and prayer. I have seen God came through for me, because of Elana and Michelle’s prayers. Knowing that they are there whenever I am down or need prayer gives my mind peace. I am thankful for the SATS office, the ladies are a blessing to me.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

Marius Buys

The Correspondence office was a great motivation during my graduate studies. I was encouraged and motivated to persevere. It helps to know there is someone to talk to during correspondence studies while you are alone. It made my study life easier.

Living Word Bible College testimonial

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